Work From Office

Creating a healthy, ergonomic and productive work environment with innovation in mind.

Since 1990, Furniture Plus Design has provided our clients with exceptional products and services in the contract office furniture industry. With a vast collection of office furniture that showcase design and function, we seek to create healthy, ergonomic and productive work environments for you, while remaining within your budget and vision of the ideal workspace.

Sleek, functional, and cutting-edge. A radical new way to work.
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A seamless connection between your tools and your workflow
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Form and function, adjustable to your liking.
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Set the stage for a collaborative enviornment.
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Understanding who you are, and how you work.

Fulfilling your vision

Your vision of the ideal workspace is important to us. At Furniture Plus Design we’re capable of providing our clients with 2D and 3D computer generated drawings that show the entire product unique to individual offices.

Creating productivity

 We employ space management strategies to help increase efficiency and improve the overall effectiveness of your space. Our goal is to understand who you are and how you work. We can then design a workspace that maximizes  productivity geared towards you.

Finishing touches

The collection introduces new technologies and structures, offering clean, architectural patterns and fresh, clear colors that can be combined to build dimension, create textural contrast or add vibrant accents to a space.

Tables, Desk Units, Suites, Collaborative Setups,
Seating, Ergonomic Accessories, Filing, Storage, Wall Systems + more