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Why We Represent Teknion + Naava

Teknion partners with Finnish company Naava to reconnect office workers with nature, creating a healthier, happier, and more inspiring workplace. More than a beautiful living wall, Naava Healthtech Green Wall is scientifically proven to naturalize indoor air, reduce harmful chemicals and optimize humidity. The wall brings the benefits of nature indoors and can contribute to WELL certification.

Naava is a health technology company founded in 2012 to reconnect humanity with nature in the built environment. Combining technology, nature and Scandinavian design, the company sources plants from a Florida-based greenhouse to develop intelligent green wall products that clean and purify air in a natural biological way that yields fresher, healthier indoor air. 

People at work spend much of the day indoors, cut off from the physical and emotional benefits of nature and fresh air. Peer-reviewed scientific studies show that Naava refreshes and naturalizes the air in a space to help people feel more energized and alert, healthier and happier. 

Line Features

Appropriate for open offices, conference rooms, personal workspaces, creative and leisure spaces.
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Naava Duo's double-sided design features plants on both sides. Great for serving as a room divider.
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Naava One enables air purification of up to 645 sq.ft.
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Reconnect office workers with nature, creating happier, healthier and more inspiring workplaces
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Plus, nature is everything.

Most of us live in cities, isolated from nature. Breathing sterilized, manmade air, a thousand times in an hour. This is actually one of the biggest environmental health risks of our generation according to the World Health Organization. 


Naava is on a mission to reconnect humanity with nature by creating human – friendly indoor environments, enabling sustainable everyday urban living and helping a billion people to breathe forest-grade air.