Solutions for Tables

U-shaped conference room table
Furniture Plus Design offers a large variety of omnidirectional tables; ranging anywhere from height adjustable to conferencing to collaborative. Several contemporary, modular, and mobile tables make up our vast line of products and are unique to their environments.
dark wood conferencing table with outlets in the middle


Furniture Plus Design offers a full line of standard and custom conference tables that feature an extensive selection of tabletop styles, edge profiles, table bases, finishes and electrical requirements. Complementary accessories include credenzas, lecterns, AV cabinets, projectors, equipment carts, mobile easels, USB/data ports, electrical outlets, and hidden access panels. We have several lines that address the multiple functions of meeting rooms with versatile tables that are suitable for active spaces. 


  • Selection of sizes, shapes, leg options and finishes – from veneer to laminate – differentiate boardroom tables from meeting tables. 
  • Individual inset power, electrical/data boxes, and a generous 27” of table area per person allowing for an efficient use of space 
  • From an expansive surfaces palette, to mixing select veneers on solid surfaces, and choice of 12 granite or inset leather options 
whiteboard with educational rolling chairs

Education & Training 

Among our many product lines we can provide studentteacher, and collaborative spaces to both state and federally funded schools. Understanding how our children work most efficiently and providing products that inspire critical thinking outside the box is essential. At Furniture Plus Design we create fun, spacious, and unique learning environments for kids of all ages. Life in the classroom changes by the hour, and our unique product lines offer solutions to all working environments. 


  • Designed to be highly configurable and complement any space 
  • Casters, three levelers and ADA extensions can be retrofitted on the same leg 
  • Ideal for collaborative work, heads-down study and everything in between 
white height adjustable desk in private office

Height Adjustable

Height adjustable tables, or sit-to-stand solutions are proving to be an essential part of today’s work force. End users enjoy the flexibility of standing while working, and convenience of the seamless transition from our natural sitting position. Height adjustable tables promote freedom and an active lifestyle in the office. Allowing the user to not just stand but stretch, breath, and healthily continue to work. Sit to stand tables allow you to seamlessly transform your desk in a matter of seconds. 


  • The office needs to move. The Height-Adjustable Bench provides each user individual control of their work and movement. 
  • Single or linked, stations create a workspace that fully supports user sit/stand work heights, technology requirements and individual privacy. 
  • Models offer four adjustment options – counterbalance, increment, top surface crank and standard range electric