Solutions for Different Panel Systems

Boulevard panel systems
Panel systems can be a flexible, affordable, and reconfigurable solution for your office. These panel systems can be stacked and modified for future expansion with seamless effort.  Equipped with interchangeable elements, tack boards, and storage accessories our panel systems promote collaboration while retaining a sense of privacy.
Boulevard panel systems


Boulevard is a simple, flexible, affordable systems solution. Boulevard products can be easily specified, installed and reconfigured to adapt to a constantly changing workplace. Boulevard’s high-performance panel system creates an acoustical barrier to reduce noise in and around the office. 

  • Engineered inherent design features offer exceptional investment value for future expansion within your company. 
  • Complementary collection of components and products creates varied applications 
  • Recycled content in B3 panels promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability. 
Teknion District panel system


District echoes the work of mid-century modernists who designed office furniture with characteristically low, horizontal lines. The elegant architectural furniture of this period had a remarkable transparency achieved by elevated cabinets, overlapping surfaces and a refined scale. District uses and reinterprets these elements for the modern office. 

  • Integration of Livello height-adjustable tables with District storage provides multiple surfaces to support different workstyles and tasks. 
  • District freestanding panels greatly expand planning scenarios and user directed placement of workstation layouts. 
  • Stacking Cabinets offer an optional tack board back panel for added workstation functionality. 


Leverage makes it easy to customize the office, allowing you to specify the desired level of features for each workspace in order to meet diverse needs, while achieving a crisp, clean look at an affordable price.

  • Panels, worksurfaces and mounted storage connect off-module for optimal use of space and inventory 
  • Increase or lower panel height on-site without disruption to the work area 
  • Change panel surfaces easily to alter the look or function of a workstation 
Teknion TOS performance based panel system


A proven, performance-based panel system, T/O/S set the benchmark for flexibility and efficiency in office furniture planning. Few panel types support multiple applications while easing installation and inventory management. 

  • Strength and Durability – T/O/S is designed and engineered to ensure product integrity and longevity. 
  • T/O/S offers high cable capacity and convenient worksurface access. 
  • To support its sustainability goals, Teknion offers renewable, biodegradable panel fabrics as a sustainable textile option. 
Teknion Transit office furniture system


A high-performance office furniture system, Transit offers freedom of planning and design with sophisticated features such as continuous off-modularity, stacking panels and a high-capacity electrical system. 

  • Multiple entry points facilitate faster and easier installation and user access
  • Accommodates ADA requirements
  • Maximizes power/data planning and delivery with multiple mounting options