Solutions for Free Standing Systems

Teknion modern expansion cityline desking system
Creating unique spaces with free standing tables and furniture to achieve collaborative workstations, open floor plans, and community areas has never been easier! Utilizing the way furniture works for you is something we understand, and can teach by taking the time to show our clients just exactly how your furniture should work. 
Teknion modern expansion cityline desking system

Expansion Cityline 

Inspired by the definitive patterns of the urban landscape, Expansion Cityline is based on the concept of planning for a workplace as diverse and dynamic as a modern city. Cityline offers a highly customizable workspace that allows people to move, gather, and disperse when privacy is necessary. Height adjustable work surfaces are easily integrated with power, data, and mobile connectivity. 


  • Accessories include freestanding and mounted screens with a choice of surfaces—felt, whiteboard and magnetic metal—to meet personal needs and preferences. 
  • Cityline also offers storage trays, boxes and “slim-bins” and a range of additional tools to maintain access to electronic devices. 
  • Collaborative spaces and mixed-use areas in which people can feel comfortable and empowered as they pursue individual or collective goals. 
Teknion Marketplace freestanding system


Marketplace reinvents the worktable, achieving an uninterrupted and unsupported span up to 20 feet that fosters creativity and collaboration in team-based office environments. Marketplace is a visually dramatic response for open collaborative workspaces including meeting, touchdown and team areas; as well as open plan spaces designed to accommodate multiple project teams. Marketplace is scaled to respect space limitations, accommodating eight 60-inch-wide work desks while cleverly incorporating human aspects of work – personalization of space, storage and well-designed privacy options – which offer a more adept approach to smaller spaces. 


  • Generous wire management capabilities make it ideal for technologically intense applications 
  • Accessories such as flat screen monitor arms, canopy lights and task lights mount along the truss, freeing up valuable worksurface real estate 
  • A lightweight truss achieves an uninterrupted and unsupported span up to 20 feet – the longest free span in the industry 
Teknion upStage free standing desk system


Just as mid-century modern design transformed 20th century interiors, upStage brings a new topography to today’s office. UpStage is a new design concept that elevates the lexicon of modern office furniture. UpStage changes the way we create the spaces we work in. UpStage offers a fresh, new-century look, feel and functionality – a new and more engaging office experience. UpStage sets the stage for creativity, innovation and transformation. 


  • Options including textiles and wood veneer, translucent and back-painted glass, perforated metal and a range of beautiful metal finishes 
  • The staging unit integrates a full complement of desks, height-adjustable tables, cabinets, shelves, cubbies and screens – and serves as a conduit for electrics 
  • A rich material vocabulary gives designers an opportunity to be original and bold; to use color and texture to create a more varied and more inspiring work environment
Teknion Zones free standing desk systems


Zones is a comprehensive series of furniture products that transforms the office, challenging convention and changing the way people experience work. The combination of wood with other materials, and Zones’ harmonious, soft design, emphasize the domesticity and materiality of the collection. 


  • Zones addresses the needs for focus, collaborative and workshop areas within the office environment. 
  • Influenced and inspired by the untethered, modern worker who seeks movement, flexibility and convenience. 
  • Wood is used as a modern engineering material ensuring strength, flexibility, sustainability, beauty, craft and humanity.