Why We Represent Teknion Architectural Interiors

Teknion’s Architectural Complements are positioned to continuously expand to respond to the ever-changing needs of interior spaces.

Teknion’s wall solutions provide superior sound absorption (NRC) and sound isolation (STC), providing a well-balanced acoustic environment.

We rigorously test our walls for their acoustic capabilities. Our solid and glass fascias are tested in a state-of-the art acoustic facility ensuring a premium product that meets both ratings as well as our clients individual needs. Teknion’s comprehensive wall program delivers a varied range of acoustic performance between product lines to suit all levels of acoustic privacy desired.

Line Features

Seamlessly integrate between architecture, products, and technology.
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Our products are tested and certified to the most stringent structural safety, acoustic, and sustainability standards in the industry.
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Experience privacy and rigorously tested, well-balanced acoustic environment.
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An array of vertical and horizontal patterns can be created, tailored to suit any business or specific brand.
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Plus, a large percentage of architectural walls can be recycled

  • 75% of traditional construction and demolition waste is landfilled with 26% of that waste being drywall
  • Up to 18% of our products use recycled content
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Foam packing blocks are returned and reused
  • Recycled cotton insulation is used for acoustic performance
  • Products and manufacturing process have the following certifications: ISO 14001 and 9001 certified, BIFMA e3-2014 – level certified, and Air quality is certified Greenguard for Children & Schools