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The Bow Tie Collection

Teknion’s new Bow Tie collection reimagines the concept of “office furniture” in the same way — we need furniture that fits the way we work, but also gives us pleasure and kindles creativity.
It invites you to see Teknion furniture in a new light, to explore unexpected creative possibilities and to create a workplace that looks good, feels good and functions beautifully.


Teknion has nurtured a team of talented in-house and international designers, engineers, and in-sourced manufacturers who work closely to push the boundaries of design. Teknion’s sustainability has allowed them to have control through every element of production. It gives them free rein to creativity, allows for extraordinary custom designs, and offers exceptional quality, and flexibility on how orders are created around your unique work culture and workspace.



The gallery of images draws one’s eye to the color and texture of fabrics, the glossy or matte finish of wood, the line of a silhouette, the details of a seam. This perspective borrows from the drama of fashion. The colors are vibrant but not intrusive, and in concert with rich textures and curved silhouettes, conveying a feeling of warmth and ease that is residential in tone.

Line Features

Furniture that creates a statement without visual distractions.
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A line which kindles creativity that pleases.
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The Bow Tie 01 Collection frames furniture like a work of art, surrounded primarily by space as in a gallery or museum.
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The colors are vibrant but not intrusive, conveying a feeling of warmth and ease that is residential in tone.
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Plus, they are socially responsible with sustainable design.

From the beginning, Teknion has moved forward along a path to environmental and social performance. We understand sustainability as a basic tenet of good design. Sustainable principles guide the way we do business and govern our conduct every day.

At Teknion, the concept of sustainability embraces global ecology, healthy communities, corporate responsibility and wellness in the built environment. We are proud to have served as a strategic partner in helping customers create healthy work-spaces that drive productivity, along with LEED® and WELL certification.